Chamber of Commerce Brazil & Puerto Rico

The free state of Puerto Rico and Brazil are in a process of developing theirs external economies where the added value in Financial Services, Technologies Transfer and Foreign Trade are some of their major projects.


Março 13th in 2018
- Imigração
Our Chamber has a partnership with the Law Office of Michael B. Dye is a full-service immigration law office located in Southern California.*  Mr. Dye is a former U.S. diplomat, with extensive experience working and living throughout Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.  
The Office provides immigration assistance to potential investors seeking permanent residency in the United States, entrepreneurs seeking to establish business operations in the United States, and companies looking to expand their presence by establishing new offices in the United States. 

The Office also provides consular processing assistance, and advises clients from all nationalities in all visa categories. Mr. Dye is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), and is admitted to practice law in various jurisdictions, including California and the District of Columbia. Mr. Dye is an active member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ), the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham Singapore), and the American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (AmCham Indonesia). Mr. Dye is a past member of AILA's Bangkok District Chapter (BDC) Government Liaison Committee.

In addition to serving individuals and entities with global business interests in the immigration context, the Law Office of Michael B. Dye provides a range of international trade law and compliance services.

Mr. Dye is Of Counsel to various law firms, and works in alliance with partners in Canada, Latin America, Europe and throughout the Asia Pacific region.
*Admitted in California and the District of Columbia.  Practice limited to federal immigration law and international law.
- Comércio Exterior
Atuamos junto a empresas brasileiras que queiram comercializar com os mercados norte americano, américa central e do caribe através da excelente logistica que Puerto Rico proporciona.
We work to brazilian companies who want to trade with north America, Central America and Caribean markets through the strategic logistic hub offer from Puerto Rico.
- Internacionalização de Empresas
Assessoria nos campos operacional, econômico e financeiro para empresas que desejam se estabelecer em Puerto Rico e ou no continente dos Estados Unidos através da elaboração de estudos de viabilidade e identificação de parceiros estratégicos locais
Consulting in operational, economic, and financial fields to companies who has plans to stablish in Puerto Rico and or mainland preparing strategic plans, business plans, identifying potential local clients and partnerships for your project.
- Assessoria tributária
Puerto Rico proporciona forte incentivo Fiscal aos seus residentes e investidores atrvés de um conjunto de Leis eIncetivos

Puerto Rico offer a range tax incentives for each kind of business and investors profiles organized to be the best option for your investment.